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A modern web application makes it easy to read and write documentation. With Docu Space you own everything we provide the source for entire application and you can host it where ever you want.

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The Features


Minimum System Requirement

A very light weight and powerful application by combining latest web technologies with a great design.

No database required

Documentation organized using a file based data model and stored as JSON.

PHP Backend

The server requirement is a simple webserver with PHP support. No installation steps, just copy the code and you are ready to rock.


Innovative Technologies

We wrote this application from the scratch to make it more efficient at the same time more user friendly as possible.

React JS UI

Front end is developed in React JS for both editing the documentation and rendering the documentation. This provide smooth experience also instant rendering.

Block editor

Use block editor for updating the documentation content. Drag and drop images where it is needed. Many content type blocks are already there and many more to come soon.


Secure and reliable

Everything organized in a directory in the server. You can securely backup and restore without any additional complexity.


Every space is mapped to a directory and data is stored as JSON files under the directory. Similarly for images there is a directory for each space. Copy those directory for backup and copy back to restore.


Config your username and password in /config.php file. Since this app meant to be for managing the documentations there will be limited number of users using the application. So it is easier to configure them in the file and use it.


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$ 29
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$ 87
  • Use it for many of your websites.
  • Use it within many client project
  • Email Support
  • Not allowed to sell as it is

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You can contact us for more details about the product or for any customization needs.

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